Artigos 2015

Infecções Respiratorias

1.Mabunda N, Alvarado- Arnez LE, Vubil A, Mariamo A, Pacheco AG, Jani IV, Moraes MO. Gene polymorphisms in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis from Mozambique. Mol Biol Rep.

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Saúde Sexual e Reprodutiva

4. Bila DC, Boullosa LT, Vubil AS, Mabunda NJ, Abreu CM, Ismael N, Jani IV, Tanuri A. Trends in Prevalence of HIV-1 Drug Resistance in a Public Clinic in Maputo, Mozambique. PLoS One.

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Doencas Cronicas e Não Transmissiveis

17. Mocumbi AO. Cardiac Disease and HIV in Africa: A Case for Physical Exercise. Open AIDS J.

18. Bukhman G, Mocumbi AO, Horton R. Reframing NCDs and injuries for the poor estbillion: a Lancet Commission. Lancet

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Infeccoes Gastrointestinais

23. Langa JP, Sema C, de Deus N, Colombo MM, Taviani E. Epidemic waves of cholera in the last two decades in Mozambique. J Infect Dev Ctries.

24. Bero, D. M., de Deus, N., da Costa, E. V., Burlandy, F. M., Jani, I. V., & da Silva, E. E. (2015). Natural circulation of human enterovirus in Maputo city, Mozambique. Afican Journal of Microbiology Research.

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Avaliacao de Tecnologias de Saude

27. Deo S, Crea L, Quevedo J, Lehe J, Vojnov L, Peter T, Jani I. Implementation and Operational Research: Expedited Results Delivery Sytems Using GPRS Technology Significantly Reduce Early Infant Diagnosis Test Turnaround Times. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr.

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Infecções Transmitidas por vectores

30. Abilio AP, Marrune P, de Deus N, Mbofana F, Muianga P, Kampango A. Bioefficacy of new long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets against Anopheles funestus and Anopheles gambiae from central and northern Mozambique. Malar J.

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32. Higa Y1, Abilio AP2, Futami K1, Lázaro MA2, Minakawa N1, Gudo ES2. Abundant Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti aegypti aegypti mosquitoes in the 2014 dengue outbreak área of Mozambique. Trop Med Health

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Sistemas de Saúde

36. Feldacker C, Chicumbe S, Dgedge M, Cesar F, Augusto G, Robertson M, Mbofana F, O malley G. The effect of pre-service training on post-graduation skill and knowledge retention among mid-level healthcare providers in Mozambique. Hum Resour Health.

37. Salomão Ca, Sacarlal J, Chilundo B, Gudo Es. Prescription Practices For Malaria In Mozambique: poor adherence to the national protocols for Malária treatment in 22 public health facilities. Malar J.